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What Our Patients Say

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Santoro Chiropractic patient testimonials below and please email me or contact the office if you have any questions.

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Dr. Rocco Santoro

I suffered from lower back pain and neck pain that cause headaches that would last for days.

I was diagnosed with advanced degenerative disk disease and referred to a neurologist, who sent me for physical therapy. It helped a little, but I still had pain. I wanted to feel better, but I also worried about the progression of my condition. I have a young son and can't fall apart too quickly.

I wish I would've come to Dr. Santoro sooner. I haven't had a headache since I started chiropractic treatment. I couldn't believe how much better I felt so quickly. I've saved a lot of money not having to buy so much Advil.

Everyone in the office is so nice and makes me feel very comfortable. I have told all my family, friends and co-workers.

Thank you! 

~Kim M.

Dr. Santoro knew right away that something wasn’t right.

I have been a chiropractic patient for over 20 years as well as a familiar face behind the front desk. I have always toted chiropractic and its benefits. One of the most important aspects of Chiropractic health care to me has always been the holistic approach. Looking at the entire person and not just where the pain is, because pain is just a symptom of the underlying problem. It is one thing to believe this and educate others about it, but when a serious health concern recently happened to me, it brings it a whole lot closer to home.

About 4 weeks ago I went to the ER due to extreme abdominal and mid-back pain and also this strange numbness and tingling in my foot. The ER doctor cleared me of any cardiac and Gall Bladder issue, told me to get a Gastroenterology appointment that it was most likely an ulcer and to follow up with my PCP, and also pain and stomach meds. He told me that there was no connection with my foot and my stomach and if it continues to deal with it after my GI issue. Over the weekend my pain increased and the Percocet wasn’t touching it. On Monday morning I scheduled the earliest appointment I could, on Thursday, with the GI specialist, saw my PCP, who gave me a muscle relaxer and a stronger stomach medicine, and again said that there was no connection with my numb feet and my stomach pain. I also saw Dr. Santoro, because I knew he would help. The adjustment helped, but by the next day I was at square one again. On Wednesday, I went back to see Dr. Santoro, because at this point the numbness in my legs increased and I was losing my balance. Dr. Santoro knew right away that something wasn’t right. A quick neurological exam confirmed that possibly something more serious was going on, not just a stomach issue. He referred me right away to a Neurologist, who after a series of tests diagnosed me with a rare autoimmune condition called Guillian-Barre Syndrome. If left untreated, this condition could have caused serious respiratory problems, where I would have been placed on a ventilator and/or possibly died.

You are probably now wondering what this story has to do with Dr Santoro. Well you see, most health care practitioners today only pay attention to their specialty and we as the patients are at their mercy. Dr. Santoro considered the “whole” me when looking at my condition. He just didn’t pay attention and treat my upper back pain. Most importantly, when he realized that I needed care beyond his scope of practice, he didn’t think twice about referring me out. Other practitioners may have kept having me come back for additional treatment, or if I finally made it to the GI doctor, they may have treated my “GI” issue and not the real cause, a neurological condition. As I laid in the hospital for two weeks, I could not help but think about how fortunate I was to be a patient of Dr. Santoro’s. I know that if it wasn’t for him, I would not be sitting on my deck on this beautiful April afternoon writing this. My family and I can’t thank Dr. Santoro enough.

~Gina S.

Chiropractic Helped Me Be Pain Free

I was suffering from severe low back and neck pain before coming to Santoro Chiropractic in June 2009. I had trouble walking, sitting, poor range of motion and had a hard time doing activities in my daily life. I wanted to be able to be pain free and function in my every day life – being a mom, working out, doing household chores.

I tried heat and anti-inflammatory medicines for my neck as well as an orthopedist. Nothing seemed to relieve the pain. I began hearing great things about Dr. Santoro’s care and had no doubt that Chiropractic would help me.

I found the office to be clean and Dr. Santoro to be calm, knowledgeable and informative. Along with ice, stretching and Dr. Santoro’s gentle adjusting I am back in my normal activities – including working out!

Chiropractic keeps everything aligned and helps maintain feeling well. I have family members who are also Chiropractic patients that have had the same great results as me. I am a 100% believer!

~Tracy M.

Low Back Pain Relief

Severe low back pain brought me to Santoro Chiropractic in January 2009. The pain sent tingling down my right leg all the way past my ankle. The severe pain had been going on for 5 months. I tried other treatments and muscle relaxers but found them to be too aggressive with no results. I wanted to go back in to work – pain free.

A friend recommended I try Chiropractic, but I was doubtful it would really help me. I found Santoro Chiropractic to be peaceful and Dr. Santoro to be gentle – unlike my previous treatment. I realized that stretching is key along with my adjustments. I have no more leg pain and increased range of motion. I like that Chiropractic can keep me working without any unnecessary surgeries.

I feel Chiropractic works and keeps me in better health. I recommend that everyone who is sick or in pain try a Chiropractor – the results will surprise you!

~Larry B.

Help After a Car Accident

I came to Dr. Santoro with neck pain brought on by a car accident. I had severe pain and limited movement that lasted for weeks. I believe in alternative medicine and had seen a Chiropractic previously which lead me to Santoro Chiropractic.

I was impressed with Dr. Santoro and his office immediately. He explained everything in detail, including his expectations for my care. Since starting I feel great – like new again!

I understand Chiropractic keeps you centered and balance. I completely believe in it!

~Ilona S.

Headache Relief

In March 2007 I came to Santoro Chiropractic looking for relief from headaches and numbing in my fingers. I had pain in my neck and low back for two months that was affecting my day to day activity. I was looking to get out of pain and to achieve Optimal Health.

I had tried Chiropractic care and surgery to help with my low back as well as muscle relaxers but nothing had worked. I had no doubt Chiropractic would be able to help me. After coming to Santoro Chiropractic, Chiropractic actually made sense to me. I found the office to be friendly and helpful. Dr. Santoro is knowledgeable and a picture of health. Dr. Santoro recommended stretching exercises and no heavy lifting along with regular adjustments. I feel great! I have no pain and I look forward to maintenance!

I feel Chiropractic keeps me focused and aware of what I should and should not do at work. I could not image functioning without it!

~Ron M.

Migraines are Gone!

I used to get frequent migraines. I saw specialists, tried prescription medication and physical therapy. Nothing helped until I began seeing Dr. Santoro. No more migraines!

~Dorothy B.

Low Back Pain

In January 2009 I came to Santoro Chiropractic with low back pain. It had been occurring during my entire pregnancy and afterwards. I couldn’t sit for long periods of time and I had difficulties picking up my son. I didn’t take any kind of drugs and I couldn’t take the pain any more!

Years earlier, I had tried Chiropractic with success and I had no doubts that it would work for me! I found Santoro Chiropractic and Dr. Santoro to be very friendly, attentive and great listeners. Dr. Santoro recommended exercises in conjunction with my regular Chiropractic adjustments and I have noticed a lot of results!

I understand Chiropractic can help with almost all symptoms and problems I may have. My mother is also a Chiropractic patient and no longer has the neck problems she suffered with. I recommend Chiropractic to anyone who is suffering or in pain and look forward to coming!

~Nancy R.

A Positive Experience with Chiropractic

My brother Glenn had been coming to Dr. Santoro and recommended I came here for the pain I had been suffering with for years. Pain in my jaw, arm, hand, neck and back – all on my left side – was affecting my entire life. It kept me from sleeping and was causing a change in my mental health and attitude – I was not pleasant to be around! I spent thousands of dollars on treatments and drugs from other doctors that didn’t solve anything. I had seen other Chiropractors that did nothing for me. If Dr. Santoro could help my brother get out of his pain, I was willing to give him a try.

I found Santoro Chiropractic to be wonderful and pleasant. Dr. Santoro is trust worthy and very nice. He recommended some exercises along with my adjustments and within a month I have reduced pain which results in me sleeping at night – something so important to me.

I love how Chiropractic is all natural and it helps you have an all around better well being. When you’re all aligned it helps you have a better attitude. Chiropractic has been such a positive experience for me and my family. I recommended Chiropractic to everyone who is in pain or suffering. I say try Chiropractic first and if that doesn’t work for you, try something else – but I bet it will work!

~Coni S.

Severe Low Back Pain

I came to Santoro Chiropractic in April 2009 with severe low back pain. I had success with Chiropractic before so I had no doubts the Chiropractic would help me. Everything about Santoro Chiropractic seemed excellent right off the start. Dr. Santoro recommended adjustments and exercises to strengthen my low back.

My back is feeling better than is has in thirty years! I feel fantastic. I tell others about Chiropractic and how they can benefit from it. I think Chiropractic is a fantastic tool and I look forward to continuing to enjoy its benefits.

~Mike B.

Pain Everywhere, Chiropractic Helps

I came to Santoro Chiropractic with every ache and pain there was – neck pain, headaches, shooting burning pain in my “mouse” hand and I couldn’t lay my hand flat. I had pain all over my body on and off after a few car accidents as early back as 1970.

I tried taking Advil, aspirin and various other pain killers I received after my accidents but nothing made the pain truly go away. I was going through physical therapy with my primary care physician when he thought Chiropractic would be able to help me. I had my doubts – it seemed like voodoo!!

When I came to Santoro Chiropractic I quickly changed my mind! The office was relaxing and Dr. Santoro was thorough, caring and listened to everything I had to say. He recommended I be careful bending and to not sit with my legs crossed.After changing some lifestyle habits, along with Chiropractic, the pain slowly began to go away! I am feeling great!

I have no pain and I stand straighter thanks to Chiropractic. I tell everyone I know about it and to get adjusted. My husband also gets adjusted and it helped save him from a back operation. I know that Chiropractic helps everything talk to each other. There is no shorting out of your body’s nervous system.

~Betty D.

Headache Relief

For 3-6 months I had been suffering with chronic headaches. They were in the base of my skull and neck and made my jaw tight. I tried medication after medication with no results. I had never been to a Chiropractor before but in July 2007 I decided to come to Santoro Chiropractic.

I found Santoro Chiropractic to have an optimistic feeling to it. Dr. Santoro is energetic and positive. He recommended routine Chiropractic care and within one year I had great results! I understand that Chiropractic helps me maintain a pain free daily routine.

I have family members who are under Chiropractic care and had immediate relief from back pain. I recommend anyone who is sick or suffering to try Chiropractic – I couldn’t live without it!

~Sherry H.

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